Why is Motel Mingle so Important to Motel Operators?
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Why is Motel Mingle so Important to Motel Operators?

Why is Motel Mingle so important to Motel Operators?

My wife and I own a motel leasehold in Far East Gippsland and have been running it since June 2007. Prior to our leasehold purchase, we had management and customers service skills from our previous employment, however we had no experience what so ever in the motel or hospitality industry. We basically had 2 days of the basics shown to us by the departing owners and the rest we had to pick up along the way.

Although the departing owners told us that they were only a phone call away if we ever needed any advice, I wanted to find all the information I could online. To my amasement, there was not a lot of information available to successfully run a motel business. Of course there is the industry associations which provide valuable information but I was expecting far more online resources to help my wife and I gain valuable knowledge to help us along the way.

A few years back, I thought about starting a forum site for motel operators to ask and answer questions. I noticed that there was already a few guys out there already trying to get forums started for the industry but unfortunately they just didn’t take off. Anyway I believe I have what it takes to get a successful forum site to take off and decided to put one together.

Motel Mingle was born with a bit of difference to the traditional forum sites. Included with the forum, I have incorporated a motel specific directory site to enable all the motel product and service suppliers to advertise their business. Also other extras will be available such as:

  1. Jobs Board
  2. Motels for Sale
  3. Events Calendar
  4. Clearance Sale notifications
  5. Guest Bloggers

The site is here for members to connect, communicate, share, and learn from each other through forums, blogs, and resource libraries. Motel Mingle is for anyone involved with operating a motel, including current and potential operators, colleagues, and others.

If you have any other ideas for the site to provide, please let us know and we will be happy to look at your idea.


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