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Are You A Motel Operator And Require Some Time Away From Your Motel?



Do You Require Motel Relief Managers With Experience In Running A Motel To Relieve You While You Are Away?
Motel Mingle is not only the newest online forum connecting Motel Operators and Suppliers including Relief Managers. It is a site that provides motel operators to connect with relief managers who are available and willing to run your motel business while you are away.

Remember that we all need a short break to attend a meeting, family emergency, or to just take some time to refresh ourselves from the day to day motel duties. However, where do we find qualified people to rely on, who will run our business with the same standards as we do ourselves? You will find the answer right here at Motel Mingle.

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Motel Mingle is here to provide a very good resource of motel relief managers that have various experiences in the motel industry. It is highly recommended the potential employer to check references before employing motel relief managers. We take no responsibility for any loss incurred by employers.

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Alternatively, advertise in the “Situations Vacant” section FREE to attract a motel relief manager for the period you require them.
If you decide to advertise in the “Situations Vacant” you get to create:

  • your own ad easily
  • link the ad to your web page
  • upload 2 photos
  • edit your ad at no extra cost as many times as you wish
  • no commission or ongoing fees
  • and the listing will last for 365 days



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Relief managers may advertise their services to motel operators in our Product, Service & Supplier Directory.
Advertising on Motel Mingle means that you will be advertised in front of thousands of Motel Operators who maybe looking for you. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and advertise your service and get that extra exposure you need now to ensure your future dates are booked with income producing assignments.

Standard Listing is only $50 per year which is equivalent to less than 14 cents per day.

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Motel Mingle is becoming the No.1 site for motel operators and motel relief managers to connect with each other sharing ideas and information.

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