Motel Pay Rates

The new minimum rates of pay and penalty rates that apply to your motel workers are determined by the Hospitality Award and the pre-modern award that applied to your business before 1 January 2010.

I recently discovered a very handy tool that automatically calculates any transitional arrangements under your modern award. It is very easy to use and it makes life very easy as you can forget about implementing the different rate changes needed to follow the transitional awards to get the correct rates of pay.

The tool is “PayCheck Plus” which can be found on the “Fair Work Ombudsman” website.

Try it now and save yourself a headache.


You can:


  • use it to find base pay rates, allowances, overtime and penalty rates
  • calculate pay rates per hour, or for entire shifts worked over 7 days
  • print, export and save your selections.


Employers should subscribe to the Pay rate updates to get a notification when rates change.