Why should Motel Operators keep their Internet Browsers up to Date?
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Why should Motel Operators keep their Internet Browsers up to Date?

I often hear and I am probably guilty of it too “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

When it comes to internet browsers, just because it opens up webpages and you see webpages, does not mean it is not broken.

I decided to write this little article as I have just recently discovered that a lot of motel operators never or realise the importance of updating their browsers.
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After making a lot of changes to the Motel Mingle website, some feedback has been coming to me with comments like, writing and parts of content are overlaying each other, content is not aligned and photos are not loading correctly. Or things like, Mick I can not find the link to do this or I can not do that any more.

Wow! I had a moment and thought, what is going on here, I have checked and double checked the end result with Internet Explorer and Firefox and it all looks fine to me. It was driving me crazy until I realised that I am checking the website with the latest versions of the internet browsers.

Hey guys, It is so important these days to make sure that your browser is up to date! Technology is always changing and we need to stay with it. The following is some reasons why should be updating your browser.

Latest support for web technologies

As the recent website features, tricks and functions start changing themselves from trends to the everyday user experience, internet browsers will continuously need to update in order to accommodate these changes. If you have an older browser version, you may not be able to view what is being seen by most internet users today.

Security fixes/patches and bugs

If you do not update your browser, you are putting your computer at risk from devastating viruses and computer hackers. Most browser support stops at certain versions, so make sure you stay up to date and minimise any loss.

Added features and customisations

Often new features and add-ons are available so that users can change their browsers to suit their browsing experience. There is some great add-ons out there and they have helped me heaps in the past.
What are the most used major browsers?
At the moment, the major current browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. If you are not using one of these major browsers, I suggest that after you finish reading this article, decide which browser you would like to use and download and start using it!

What differences are there between the browsers?
This is a little over my head to understand properly, however the main difference between these browsers is the type of code the browsers use to bring us the end product of what we see on a website and of course a slight difference in the look and feel of what we are looking at on our screens such as page tabs, bookmarks, setting buttons etc.

Which browser should I use?
I love Firefox! It seems a lot faster than Internet Explorer and I love the simplicity and overall appearance of the screen. It is a matter of personal preference and if you do a Google search, I am sure you will find heaps of opinions.

Are you Using Internet Explorer?
IE has a reputation for not showing websites as good as its competitors. It is now well known that it has now become least popular for most modern web users and developers. I am sure IE is always working to make things better with each browser update release but is still way behind the others. If you are using Internet Explorer as a browser, please make sure it is the most up to date version.

Do you want to check your browser version?
Go to http://whatbrowser.org// and see if your browser up to date. It is a handy site that detects which browser you are currently viewing the site and will let you know if there is an update available.