Our Terms and Conditions for our “Member Beware Alerts”.

The service is free of charge and only available to members of the Motel Mingle community who subscribe to this service. Please abide by the few rules in place to keep this service active. If the service is abused in any way, I will shut it down immediately.

Privacy laws in Australia are becoming quite strict and therefore the following rules need to be followed:

1. Under no circumstance, any information of private guest details sent to you by this service is not to be shared by or to any other person outside your accommodation business or any media outlet including forwarding emails to any other email destination.

2. If you believe the information on the alert email should be shared with others, please encourage them to register with the service.

3. All information sent to you by this service, is not to be kept or stored in any form, including in a data base. The information is for you to “make an informed decision on how to best prepare for that guests arrival.”

4. Our Terms & Conditions can be changed at any time.