Is your Website tagged as Malicious to your visitors?
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Is your Website tagged as Malicious to your visitors?

It is very important to check your motel website to see if it contains malicious code. The following describes my recent experience and I feel it needs to be shared with fellow motel operators.

Not long after sending out some emails to notify motel operators about the launch of Motel Mingle, It was quickly brought to my attention by a few very thoughtful motel operators that my signature link to my motel business was linking to a Norton Safe Web page stating

“Malicious Web Site Blocked. This is a known malicious web site. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this site.”


I was absolutely shocked and immediately thought that my motel website was hacked and malicious software was inserted somewhere.

You could imagine the thoughts going through my head and also the timing was just brilliant (NOT). What a great start to promoting my new site and then people thinking straight away, what is this guy up to. I guess if it was me seeing that warning, I would give it a wide berth. Not only that! What about all the potential guests that have been turned away from my site?

Any way I hit Google straight away and searched for website security scanners. At the top of the search results was a site called Sucuri which I clicked on and found that they do a free site search for malicious code on your site.

The results were positive with warnings and stated my site was blacklisted. What next? Well because I know my way around website development a little now, I decided to search on the web how to rectify the problem. A few hours later after reading forums here there and everywhere I eventually updated all my website files and discovered that my site was not infected with malicious code at all by scanning with other various website scanners.

The next thing I had to do was then join up with Norton Safe Web as the site owner and then ask them to revise my rating. Be advised that you need a little skill to verify that you are the website owner to get anywhere.

The good news is that my site has been reviewed and is now rated Ok.

Do yourself a favour and check your site forĀ  malicious code now. Check your site for free by clicking on the banner below.