I Need Your Help

Hey guys, most of you are aware that I started Motel Mingle as a motel leasehold owner as I felt the need for readily accessible information available without digging into the pockets too much forking out our hard earned dollars.

Those who have been actively participating in the forums or who have been staying in touch by emails and phone calls know that I sold my motel business and now working for an employer in a totally different industry.

I am finding less time to put into Motel Mingle however I have no intentions to let the site close down.

I still have a great desire to make Motel Mingle the No.1 site for the motel industry knowing that it will take time to do so as most of you know that I am a 1 man band here and I am building the site on my own with limited funds.

The membership to the site is growing steadily however it seems that a lot of you are very reluctant to participate in the forums. It would be greatly appreciated if you could some how bring yourself to break the ice and post something that you feel others may want to read. It does not have to be motel related if you wish as it would be great to share other interests and hobbies.

You might be surprised that we have a lot more things in common than being a motel operator.

On another note, websites take a lot of time and resources to be designed, hosted and updated all the time to stay up with technology. I now really need to step up and start making some money from the site to finance the continuation of its existence.

My plans now are to continue the site as it is however I will try to be a little more proactive in now building the supplier directory to a more substantial resource.

I have been holding off approaching the suppliers until I felt that the membership base and visitors to the site increased, making it more worth while to the advertisers. I feel that time has come and I need your help.

If you are happy with your product, service or suppliers and you wish to share them with us, please encourage them to advertise their service on our motel directory. It does not cost them a lot of money and they will be getting great exposure directly to motel operators around Australia. They also will gain great SEO as Google loves links from paid directories.

Also, when they have listed in the directory, their happy customers which is you, can post information about them in the forums.

They also can respond to the posts as well as post info about their products and services.

We all win here as the website can continue to stay online, motel operators gain valuable knowledge along the way and the Suppliers gain great exposure directly with the motel industry.

So please help me keep Motel Mingle alive and start talking to your suppliers next time you see them.