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      HI All, Can someone please share any tips or tricks to keeping towels white? Ideally the cheapest and easiest way possible! Our biggest issue seems to be make up on face washers, it is a nightmare to get out and they end up looking a grey colour. What are your thoughts on replacing white towels with a colour?

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          We do all our own laundry both linen and towels using big old commercial washers and gas dryers. Both white and fluro coloured towels are in service. Using the correct chemicals for washing and soaking is essential, bleaching is not always the way to go. By the way don’t you hate the guest who leaves her whole facial imprint in a washer, towel or often foot mat ? Face makeup, lippy and mascara can be difficult to remove, funny how this same face imprint is often on a pillow case, emm. we use queen bath towels Line & Towels, priced @ $9.85 each inc. gst & delivered.

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            We found best results with a linen coloured towel and made sure that the towel was vat dyed when coloured as it will not lose colour as quick as other methods.

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              Hi Kate,

              White towels look impressive, but hard to maintain.
              Large Hotels can get away with this as their laundry will bleach them back to white but too hard for the small owner operator as this leads to other items getting bleached as well.
              When selecting colours however remember that dark solid colours will fade quickly and look tired well before their use by date.

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