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      Just something topical my husband and I were discussing last night and thought of asking what others would do.
      Yesterday there was a shooting in a motel in Melbourne. Every time the item was replayed during the day the name of the motel was clearly displayed. Does anyone know what rights you would have or recourse you could take against the news channels displaying this (if anything)? I said that I would be on to a lawyer straight away… but being a Sunday that might not help… then I thought I’d cover the motel name, but as my husband pointed out, someone’s just been shot, would you even be thinking about that at the time? I would be interested in hearing what you all think.

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          That Park S*d* Motel on Plenty Road is a horrible, terrible property. It is an embarressment to our industry. Filthy no hygene and a very uncomfortable enviroment. No surprise that such a tragedy happened there

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            Unfortunately, there is probably nothing you can do as the press is not putting any blame upon the business.

            The only steps that I can see is to ride out the storm. Most stories die out very quickly or reinvent and rename the business. This could be costly.

            I empathise with this property as whichever way, It must lead to loss of revenue, hopefully only short term.

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