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      What Contents do you put in Mini Bars? Are the contents seasonal or same all year round?

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          For those that offer a mini bar , is it worth it with all the checking, restocking , charging for it etc or would it be better to just have a few things at reception or maybe a vending machine or 2 ?

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            Living It Up

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              No mini bars for us any more. Will be looking into a vending machine. Thanks for the idea.

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              M&m’s would be too much of a temptation. I also have beers and various wines along with various chips available from reception.

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                Hi Its a life,
                We do not have mini bars as such in the rooms. All rooms have a fridge, that has a small bottle of milk and a bottle of water.
                We do have beers/soft drinks and basic necessities on display at reception, so they can come down and purchase it from here. We did have some chips, m and ms and some nuts, but we found we were eating them, so we got rid of them!!

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                  We only supply a small fridge for the guests and do not supply any mini bar products in fear of the products going out of date.

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                    Currently we have:
                    2 beers, 2 soft drinks, 3 Juice(apple,pineapple & orange),2 water, 2 potato chips and 2 packets of nuts. We tend not to have the beers over the cooler months.

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                      Our mini-bars have all year round –
                      4 x Beer
                      2 x Soft Drink
                      1 x Juice
                      2 x Water
                      1 x White Wine
                      1 x Red Wine
                      1 x Potatoe Chips
                      1 x Chocolate
                      all year round

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