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    This is my experience of being a guest for a change, not the Inn Keeper.
    Very recently I needed a room for one night in Melbourne. I was amazed at some price variations on offer from from the same hotel. My chosen hotel was varying between $269.oo to $229.oo on the OTA’s
    but only $199.oo on their own direct web site.
    My phone call direct to the Hotel resulted in a quote of $108.oo each night! Then the in house parking was reduced by $7.oo . Also self service/ all you can eat breakfast was trimmed from $25.oo per person to $17.oo per person. No it was definately not a quiet night. 24/7 check ins , check outs, extremely busy hotel to my observation.
    The location suited me, the price was acceptable, the room quality was to me about 7 out of 10. (It was clean)

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    I am not sure what a lot of other country or large regional town motels do , but we have dynamic pricing in our town , depending what is on at the time and if our competitors are sold out or not etc. We also hold rooms off the internet to create demand so we can raise our prices. There is a online webinar/ learning course you can do called they start at the basics but even for experienced operators it is a good checks and balances type thing that you can find some different ideas etc , but the main thing i take away from it is the dynamic pricing which we are constantly using even o a daily basis , but also right out to 18 months ahead . A few dollars per room is worth a fair bit in the whole scheme of things

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