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      Hi, not sure if anyone would know the answer to this. Can a motel refuse to accommodate a prostitute? We had a lady book in with an OTA so we had no idea who she was until it became obvious. She has now called and tried to book in again direct with me and I would like to refuse the booking but am not sure how I stand on this?

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          We too have had a couple “ladies of the night”.
          The first one was a walk in, and it wasn’t till after dusk that we discovered what was going on. She wanted to book again the next night but we told her were full. She didn’t cause a stink just walked away.
          The next one booked online for a week. We never saw her guests coming and going, and she was a he!! She too wanted extra nights and we said sorry.
          We did have a few other “suspect” ladies ring not long after she left, and say their friend had just stayed and she wanted too also. We said no sorry, and again lucky for us no worries!!
          It is your business and you have a right to say who can and cannot stay at your establishment!

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            If your motel has a liquor licence you can also quote that as a reason for not allowing “other business” to be conducted in your motel rooms as the licence states the nature of the business being conducted on the premises. No argument!

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              Hi Carold
              We had a similar experience, but it was a psychic who wanted to be able to do readings from her room. We used the response that council by-laws and our motel insurance cover both prohibit guests from conducting business from a motel room. She was very understanding.

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                Thank you for your feedback. I simply ended up telling her that we would rather not accommodate her/ no reason. She replied that my attitude was not good for business, but from my perspective it is better for my business not to have her here. Hopefully that will be the end of it. I was very interested to know if there were any legal avenues she could pursue if I refused her, but I am now confident that I can conduct my business as I wish.

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                  The ruling against the queensland Motel was overturned, and it is within your rights to allow your property to be used for others to pursue their business- i.e prostitution. In fact, it can be said that it is illegal to allow an illicit brothel operator to work from your property Whether, you can say the same for someone that is staying with you, but not plying their trade in your property is a grey area.
                  We were presented with the same issue 5 years ago, and were met by a threat to take us to court.
                  We explained to the guest that this was not within our beliefs and whilst we are not casting judgement, this does not fit in with our morals. Push comes to shove, play the religious beliefs angle. They did not pursue the matter
                  IT IS YOUR BUSINESS. Do not be walked over by your guests

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                    Oh, nasty! If your town has a legal council approved brothel, as we do, then you would be breaking the council law to knowingly allow a prostitute to work out of your motel.

                    But if not, personally, it is up to you who you allow to stay or not. I always recon that this is where I make my living, not someone else! At $200 an hour, they make way more than me!

                    However there was a court case about two years ago where the motelier in QLD was taken to court by the prostitute for just this reason and lost the case, with a $10k fine. The reason was that the prostitute had previously stay at the motel and plied her trade! I know it went to appeal, but can’t remember the outcome.

                    Around here, they have been booking on AIRB&B to get accommodation to work out of and because the owners are not around, they just don’t know what is going on.

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