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      When we purchased the freehold almost a year ago, we inherited some Senzu 32″ flat screen tvs. We have noticed that they are starting to die on us, a few at a time. It may be time to replace the lot. Has anyone found a good deal to purchase 15-20 tvs rather than go to a retail store? Also, do you think it is worth paying a bit extra to get an extended warranty? Its not going to be a cheap exercise, so anything we can do to make sure we are not doing it again in a year would be good. Thanks

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          Katie, I purchased TCL 82cm tv’s when our district changed to digital. I highly recommend them to you. Price was affordable, swift delivery no fuss service. They have the inbuilt ability to lock your desired settings so guest cannot fiddle with volume, channels ect. Guests can plug in for viewing games, cameras ect. So they have been in place several years with no problems at all. I bought 5 extra remotes at that time in case of failure or theft but I have never had to replace one at all.

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            If you are only after basic tvs, Dick Smith will do a good price on quantities. They have a commercial department. https://www.dicksmith.com.au/about-dick-smith/commercial-sales
            We have had 19 of their branded tvs for over 2 years no problems on any of them. They do not have a hotel lock and, if you have Foxtel, the user has to switch between analog and digital. Also they are not smart tvs (internet).
            At the low price these units are I wouldn’t bother with extended warranty.

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