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      We have had the same experience here in Meningie. We also bought the equipment originally and the system worked well and the commissions were coming. Since Tomizone took over the commissions stopped and we had the same experience exactly when we tried to claim them. We disconnected the system and we have had the local computer guy use the same equipment to set up our own password protected system and that seems to be working well. We have a large allowance which we don’t use so we supply the service free which is proving quite popular. So my advice is the same – stay well clear of Tomizone!!

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          Stay clear of third part suppliers. They are just sucking your revenue and control.

          It is easy to set up firewalled routers.

          We have installed two Internet ADSL services. I will soon combine them to produce better bandwidth and more guests will be able or get a good service simultaneously.

          We sell Internet at $5 per day. And that pays for the cost of the services. Why give it away.

          Tomizone and the variants are for those who like throwing away revenue .

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