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    I don’t think the Industry will feel any great loss on this one; it was a disaster waiting to happen. I guess the Government took note of the scathing survey results I and others completed on the subject last year.

    The scheme was totally compromised, with the general public having no idea what it meant anyway. One of the problems I highlighted was a lack of any communication from T-QUAL, which was born out of the fact that they had no idea who had been awarded the T-QUAL Tick anyway! I even subscribed to a e-newsletter but never got anything. There was also a whole lot of T-QUAL grants for the Tourism Industry each year, which I suspect has been cancelled and forms part of the Budget cuts to the Tourism Industry. I even criticized the grant process as you could get a grant without having a T-QUAL Tick! Even the sub-license administrators were not aware that it was their responsibility to notify us on ‘ALL Things T-QUAL’, but never did.

    What do you think?

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        We had a tick, and we displayed our “certificate” on the wall for all to see, and that was it.
        I know some of the guests read it and, I s’pose it looked good… “an Accrediteed Tourism Business” “Australian Tourism Quality Assured” signed by Tourism Council of Australia, it looked to the “naked” eye but really didn’t mean much to those in the know!!
        And no I dont recall recieving any further information/newsletter etc. either!

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