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      Just when you thought you had seen the back of this backward scheme, they refuse to die and will carry on under a new overseer! No doubt the goal posts will change AGAIN with this new scheme. Just DIE already Star Ratings!!

      Star Ratings will continue with new operator
      Following our recent news that Australian Motoring Service would cease operating the Star Ratings scheme on 30 June 2017, we are delighted to inform you that AMS will be transferring this valuable scheme to- the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC), a non-profit organisation committed to assisting tourism businesses. ATIC also operates the Australian Tourism Awards and the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program that is designed to develop and promote high quality tourism businesses
      Star Ratings will now continue to operate through its new owners as of 1 July 2017. Your accommodation rating will be retained, and you can continue to proudly display and promote your Star Rating by renewing your licence agreement through the normal annual invoice process. Your renewal invoice will be issued shortly by ATIC. There will be no increase in fees. AMS will cease operating Star Ratings on 30 June 2017.
      We believe that ATIC is best placed to deliver Star Ratings into the future for the benefit of accommodation operators the Tourism Industry and your customers. AMS and ATIC are committed to a seamless transition that will enable accommodation businesses to continue their Star Rating with ease.
      We wish all of you the very best and we look forward to watching the Star Ratings Scheme continue to grow and prosper.
      Yours sincerely,
      Michael Reed, CEO Australian Motoring Services

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          Unfortunately it is part of our lease agreement so we have to stay, but given the choice….. wouldn’t pay to belong. We, like everyone else know that the travelling public no longer looks at this, they go by the TripA and OTA reviews.

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            I decided to give AAA another go under the new management ATIC. Since receiving my payment receipt I have not seen or heard from them ! My old school loyalty has not been rewarded. So far no value to my property from them at all. I probably will not renew my subscription this year.

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              It really is just for the leaseholds these days.. I’ve never really had a company / corporate traveller etc call up and ask our star rating.

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                Irrespective of whether this ancient system is active or not, why would you bother subscribing to it?
                I understand that some leases state that the Star Rating must be maintained, but for those that have a choice, dump it as no-one cares. Tripadvisor and ratings are far more important than the Stars. Newly posted reviews on any OTA is far more valuable and accessible for guests than the Stars. It was a great idea in the 70s when we didnt have any other means of rating a property, but now, guests are the ones who do the voting, not some traveling salesman hunting for a free room.!

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