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      Stress Relief

      Feeling a little low on energy? Here are some
      Energy Zappers:
      1. Dehydration: By the time we feel thirsty – you
      are most likely dehydrated – so keep the water up.
      As mentioned in a previous edition 8-10 glasses
      of water a day is just a start.
      2. Clutter: Do you have piles of paper closing in
      on you… Getting rid of clutter will make you more
      organized, more productive and happier!
      3. Your Posture: I don’t know about you – but my
      mother was always telling me to situp straight…
      And apparently there is some science behind that.
      As we slouch it compresses our chest and reduces
      the amount of air intake, therefore the oxygen
      getting to your brain. Stop and take the time to
      take a long slow deep breath – hold it and release
      slowly. Do this 10 times – and repeat several times
      during your day. Sitting up straight will also reduce
      strain on the muscles in your upper back and neck.

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          Stress Relief = Go on the longest holiday as possible.

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            Thanks for reminding me. Must get back into my daily walk…

            Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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              PART 2
              Stress Relief

              Feeling a little low on energy? Here are
              some more Energy Zappers:

              4. A Bad Night’s Sleep:
              during the night can be an unfortunate
              side effect of Motel Life. When it comes to
              sleep – both Quality and Quantity matter.
              One bad night can effect some more
              than others – which can result in, maybe
              a less then ideal exchange with a guest,
              which will know doubt make its way to
              TripAdvisor… All because of a bad nights

              5. Dietary Choices:
              Including Sugar,
              Caffeine, Alcohol, Processed Foods, Not
              enough fresh fruit & Vegetables… Need
              I say more…

              6. Lack of Exercise:
              One of the struggles I always had in
              Motel life was getting the time for
              regular daily exercise. Sure there
              are lawns to mow and beds to make, but
              there is nothing I like more than a good
              daily walk… Maybe for you it is a surf or
              workout at the Gym. My advice – Take the
              time to look after yourself…

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