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    A recent survey carried out by a well know company showed that 15% of those surveyed wouldn’t visit a business if it had a single negative online review to its name, even if surrounded by a sea of positive feedback. Can we afford to lose 3 out of every 20 customers based off one person’s opinion?

    The survey also revealed that one in five 18 to 44 year olds would prefer to make a complaint to a business in public via its social media page or an independent online review site. When asked what was most appealing about leaving a negative review online, 31% said they enjoyed the anonymity, while a further 29% did so in order to avoid confrontation.

    It would appear that most Australian’s don’t appreciate the damage negative reviews can have on small business, which represent close to 90% of all Australian businesses. Negative online feedback has the potential to severely tarnish the reputation of a business and even cripple it financially.

    Would you buy a motel that has a history of negative reviews? They stick like glue and are there forever and we have to live with it! Now who is really being treated unfairly here and should we be raising a complaint with Fair Trading

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        I was just looking at some other the OTHER accommodation in your area BCM, and I am amazed at how bad some of the reviews of certain properties are. I wish I had more competition like that!

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