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      Hi Guys,
      Just an update on the no smoking laws. I have just spoken with Kirra-Lee from NSW Health.
      The 4 meter no smoking rule is from the public access to the motel NOT to each individual door, so basically at reception. It is where the guest leaves the public thoroughfare to the entrance of the building.
      If you have a pool it is classed as a public pool so therefore the 4 meter rule is enforceable. he guest can be fined $300 on spot, we can be fined up to $5500.
      I have just ordered 2 stickers for my reception and 2 for my pool, to obtain an order form you can:

      Send this order form to:
      Fax: 1300 550 570
      For enquiries, please call 1300 655 957

      Outdoor public places

      The Act also bans smoking in the following outdoor public places:

      Within 10 metres of children’s play equipment in outdoor public places

      Public swimming pools

      Spectator areas at sports grounds or other recreational areas used for organised sporting events

      Public transport stops and platforms, including ferry wharves and taxi ranks

      Within 4 metres of a pedestrian access point to a public building

      Smoke-free guide: No smoking within 4 metres of a pedestrian access point to a building provides information on which buildings are applicable

      Display of ‘No smoking’ signs

      Owners and occupiers of the following outdoor public places must ensure that adequate ‘No smoking’ signs are displayed in:

      swimming pool complexes (indoor and outdoor areas)
      light rail, railway platforms and ferry wharves
      commercial outdoor dining areas. See the Hospitality guide for further information.

      Signs which comply with the requirements under the Regulation are available to order free of charge from NSW Health. Otherwise, owners and occupiers can make their own signs which comply with the regulation.
      Hope this helps

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          Hi BusyBees
          we obtained those signs from the NSW gov a while back because we were sick of smokers under the verandas.
          we got a heap of the 4m ones and they are on each door at the back (garden side) of our units, we also advise people not to smoke there and where to smoke.. 99% of smokers are fine (even a member of parliament stayed with us and smoked in the correct spot) its just the 1%’s are the you know whats..

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