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    Applegum mentioned this in this forum last month and it got me thinking and talking to my best mate, who also just happens to be my Webmaster! I think that the Webmasters of the World Association got together with Google and concocted all this in order that they could make a fortune from re-writing every single website that exists!

    I think I will pass on this one for a while and see what happens. Firstly, I would be looking at a ‘mates rate’ spend of $1,500 to be MFW compliant, which it is a lot to spend when I am out of here in less than a year; let the new owners foot that bill. Secondly, I would have to be convinced that I am suffering a significant volume of business as a result. I will monitor my Google ranking, AdWords and bookings from that source. I do not believe that many of my market audience are using smart phones, which is what this is all about (till the next invention). The Online Travel Agents like , Expedia and Wotif are already mobile friendly and that is where the majority of my online bookings business comes from.

    Interesting, I just checked the Ballina’s Ramada Hotel website and they aren’t MFW!

    What direction are you taking? Is this all just hype and scare mongering by Google and the Webmaster industry or is there a real issue here?

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        As an employee of a motel who has to stay in the office anyway I am finding time to work my way through the resource at the following link –
        This is a fairly extensive reading exercise but it is broken into small bite size pieces and is well headed so relevant parts can be easily accessed. I guess like all technology it is a question for each motel to answer for themselves. Our website has a built-in mobile section so we have not had the need to ask this question.

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          Hi BCM
          Since the mobile friendly rankings have been introduced, our motel has gone from #1 to #2 to display in Google. I am currently having this rectified. My web developer who isn’t a mate has quoted me $400-$500 to have a mobile friendly version of my site. $1500 seems excessive… maybe you should shop around

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