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      Hi, we are a 17 room Motel looking for a new reservation system now that Motelier is no more. Cost wise I am looking at Hirum and Little Hotelier. Anyone with any feedback on the two? Would really appreciate it.

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          Having used RMS, Hirum, Resbooks and Guestpoint, I now have to say that Guestpoint has been the most ‘user-friendly’ intuitive system that we have used. RMS would run a close second but is over-complicated to be honest. Guestpoint linked to either Resonline or Site Minder for me.

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            Just had a guest in the motel we manage. It went to RMS cloud after leaving a motel chain which had it’s own reservation system. She said you poor dears. She said she owned a caravan park and had used RSM for a number of years but within a few months of RMS going to the cloud she went to another system, she was 1 of over 200 caravan parks that she was in contact with who also dropped RMS cloud.

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              We find Guestpoint is a simple and feature packed program. It doesn’t have a module for restaurants but otherwise very good. starfleet is a good package with a few add ones for bar and restaurants. It’s easy to use and lower priced. Good support.

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              Mountain Man

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                We use Guestpoint from Centium Software. Very happy with the product. Highly professional support. They will do an associated webpage for your motel and connect a channel manager etc….seamless.

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                  We use RMS light and find it useful and easy to use.

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                    Hi there Lakeview. We use Hirum. We are new to the motel business and therefore have no other systems to compare our experience with. We found the system very easy to learn and we are still discovering new things after 18 months. Their support is best accessed by email. Their response is very prompt and they go out of their way to assist. On signing up they offer a training session. I don’t think it cost anything at the beginning for the training – I think it was included in the set up cost. The system was originally set up to cater for Management Rights so there are things in there that are not relevant. The system also has a booking keeping system but we don’t use it so I am not sure how useful it is. The reason we don’t use it is because we were advised by our motel broker to use Cash Flow Manager, which is great, but I wish I had known about the workings of the Hirum system before I started using it. I would not hesitate to recommend Hirum.

                    Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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