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    Ray Clark


      Good afternoon !
      My name is Ray Clark and with my wife Cheryl we live on the Sunshine Coast Qld.
      We have owned our own business involved in the soft furnishings/window furnishings manufacturing industry and supplier of commercial manchester to all hospitality businesses for over 12 years. Our clients included motels/hotels/reorts/interiors etc. We are now trying to move into the relief management side of the industry and seek your advice as to perhaps where we can start to gain some work experience to start.
      In support of this we attended a “Introduction to Motel Mngt ” course in Nagambie ( run by Caretakers Aust )in Feb 2015. Subjects included RMS , Health & Hygiene Prep for kitchen & Food,Breakfast & room cleaning etc
      We are prepared to travel.

      kind Regards Ray & Cheryl Clark

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          My first comment would be to work out what sort of management.
          i.e- are you looking to relief manage the smaller properties that really rely on their managers to be hands on in everyday such as making beds and laundry, or higher end where your management is more controlling staff who perform these duties.
          When you have worked this one out, start with approaching a small pool within your desired area, ensuring that you do not have a situation where you are never available when needed.
          Our relief guys may only look after 8 to 10 properties, but can almost stay in full-time employment as we like the others commit 6-12 months ahead for holidays.

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