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      Hi all, we were just wondering what the going rate would be for a relief management couple (self-employed on an ABN) per day for, say a 25 room motel? Cooking and serving of cooked breakfasts and other normal duties included. We’re just not sure what to charge?
      Accommodation is provided but no food allowance. What is a reasonable rate to charge someone? Your feedback would be appreciated.


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          Once we get into the relief business pnm, we will have to give you a call!! We are just waiting to sell our lease then look out!! The south coast is a great spot, we go there for our LITTLE sojourns (when we get them!!)

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            Thanks for that ‘PNM’. We were thinking of charging $250.00 per 24 hours as a couple so it seems we are bang on the money. It’s always good to know if we are under or over charging!
            Thanks once again.


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              We pay $250 per day for a couple. They get it pretty easy with us, all linen we outsource for hire, fully automated booking system so they only need to do walk-ins and phone bookings. Office hours of 7am – 8pm, after hours key box. All bookings are paid in advance here with us so they never need to stay up waiting for an arrival to pay. Cook breakfasts, help the cleaning staff strip a few rooms. We have had numerous offers of cheaper but like our arrangement as we go away every 7 weeks for 6 days then twice a year for 3 weeks at a time and the guys we have work in with that. From what we have seen, the going rate for a couple with ABN has been anywhere from 180 per 24hrs to 290 per 24hrs.

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