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      Just wondering what sort of reception hours all you folk keep? It would obviously depend on location/demographics/trade etc etc, but was wondering what would be considered ‘normal’?
      We open 7am until 9pm seven days a week (with a night bell also)..

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          We open reception 12 hours every day, 7.30am til 7.30pm. Night bell is available after that. And as most of us know we all start and finish work long before and after those opening hours. Do what works best for your situation.

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            Hi Paul
            We do 8am-9pm, 7 days with a night-bell. We serve breakfasts 7.00-7.45. When we first came here we opened at 7.30 which overlapped with breakfasts – we learnt pretty quickly it wouldn’t work for us, so changed the opening time and it works a lot better now.

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              Hi Paul,
              As Ballina Colonial says… You are the boss and you decide what works for you.
              We are 8.-8.30 Mon-Sat and Sun 8.-8. no night bell. We decided that the honest traveller has either booked ahead or is off the road by 8.30.

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                Thanks for that feedback.

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                imageBallina Colonial Motel

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                  You’re the boss Paul; you have to decide what works best for the business you run and personal circumstances.

                  The 7am till 9pm was built around the points you scored from STAR Ratings Australia (AAAT). The more hours you are open the more point you scored. But given 60%+ of the industry are now self-rated, you now make a commercial decision on this.

                  Personally we advertise that we are 7am till 9pm weekdays and 8am till 9pm weekends and public holidays. Reality is that we don’t open till 8am and will close at 7/8pm if we are full. We really don’t want the late nighters and don’t have a night bell.

                  Two motel here have recently introduced 24hr check-in machines. Whilst I know others will do ‘shifts’ between the two partners, where by one does say 7am till 4pm and the other 4pm till late.

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