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      Hi all,

      We’ve been working as motel managers for 4 years now – both as relief and semi-permanent. We run our business on an ABN and were just wondering if we need Public Liability Insurance? A lot of people have told us that it’s not our responsibility and that lies with the lease owner or free holder.
      What do you guys think?

      If we DO need it, where do we get it from and how much does it cost? As we’re in a quite specific profession (i.e. motels and parks managers) I guess there’s not a lot of people who even offer it.


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        If you are set up as a business in your own right and operate as your own business, ( subcontracting) then you will need public liability insurance for any damage that any of your actions may cause to the business that you are subcontracting to work for eg. tradesman etc have to have there own insurance.
        Just as the owner of the business will need public liability insurance for any person that comes onto his property including sub contractors that may be injured etc. etc . whilst on the property.
        But you would certainly need public liability unless you are very rich and can self insure? I would imagine that it wouldn`t be that expensive , certainly cheaper than having to sell everything you own!

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          Hmmm.. I wouldn’t have thought so and we don’t ask it of our releif managers. we do have an incident book that we ask them to maintain… Maybe you could ask your insurance broker?…. or HMAA if you are a member.

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            Interesting question Paul, but sorry I have no answer for you.
            Can anyone help???

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