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      Have just received a letter from our board of directors about this.
      Love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, positive and negatives!
      Is it warranted? I wouldn’t have thought so with Budget brand being the stronger chain.

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          CVM talks about international guest and if this is your core market, it is possible that you do need to be backed by a major chain,
          However ask yourself why both Golden Chain and Arra (Budget) are losing so many members.
          Do you believe that there is strength in numbers or will the different operational procedures and possibly other changes that will accur should there be a merge may lead to a further loss of numbers with a greater infrastructure cost to maintain this chain.
          Are the Directors telling you what they think you want to hear.

          TIME WILL TELL; but not everyone shares your enthusiasm.

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            I tend to agree with CVM. We attended the Golden Chain AGM and thought the arguments for the merger were valid. Our brand needs to grow.

            Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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              I think it would be a great idea to be honest. It means the membership base will double and resulting in a lot more voices to to express their opinions and suggestions to help the chain (members) going forward.

              International hotels are now entering Australia with mid range branding and if we don’t act now, we will be forced to join their networks to get the international visitors to stay at our motels. I am pretty sure that it would cost a lot more to become members of the larger networks than the Budget/Golden Chain membership. Will the benefits outweigh the costs? I don’t know.

              This is a very interesting topic and i look forward to reading other forum members thoughts even if you are not part of the chains.

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