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      Hi folks, just thought I’d better mention ‘’ and their sneaky tricks to attract customers. This has caused me a fair bit of grief in recent times. They advertise through Google, a very low price for your motel when people search for accommodation in the area (try putting ‘your town/city’ and ‘accommodation’ into Google) and up pops a map which you can click on. When you delve deeper into the website, the guest would see that they often don’t include taxes, fees or GST and so the price is not what first pops up. The trouble is the guest OFTEN doesn’t click into their actual website, rings you direct and then abuses you for not having that low price. When I explain to the guest that the price stated doesn’t include the fees, taxes etc, the guest just then hangs up doesn’t then book you as they think that you are not telling the truth. This is how I’ve tackled this;

      1) Explain to the guest that have no right to advertise our property on Google at that price and it is mis-leading.
      2) We don’t have to honour that price whatsoever and if the guest would like to try and book through they would be welcome to try.
      3) Ring as own Explain to them the situation that they are advertising mis-leading pricing and they will take it down and make sure it doesn’t happen again (after one day of my complaint, the pricing is correct).

      From what I can tell, they are getting away with it until they are caught out by us. They have been in trouble in the past for this tactic (i.e. not including all the fees and taxes etc) and we need to fight OTA’s like this.

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          Typical, advertising in THEIR wording not ours, same as “รถur” website content, needs to be approved by them and then it is changed to “THEIR” wording not mine, which then becomes a problem again.
          like you all I truly wish we didn’t have to be affiliated with them, but unfortunately over 60% of our business comes from them ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

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