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    Looking at recent comments, most of us fall foul of the undeclared pets. Once upon a time we allowed them in, under or on a vehicle, but never in a room (due to local Health & Safety Regulations).

    However, even this kindness was abused and now there is a blanket ban with a minimum $100 charge made if a customer is found to have a pet with them. This is worded on the tax invoice receipt, which they sign as well as being displayed in Reception.

    We have never charged anyone, but that is not mean to say we haven’t been scammed. Declared pets is easy; they just don’t get in, but what other measures can we put in place to prevent this?

    Does anyone even allow pets?

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      imageBallina Colonial Motel

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        That is exactly what I was going to say Busybees. No registration certificate = no dog. Another motel here rang me the other day to check out what the go was, as a customer was trying exactly this scam. He said no, they did not produce a registration certificate and he suffered a torrent of verbal abuse. But at least he slept well that night, not worrying if the animal was going to disturb the other guests or what mess it might make.

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          The difference between registered companion/guide dogs and companion dogs is HUGE.
          I can bring my dog and say he is my companion dog and I need him, but he is not registered therefore he cant come. One sneaky way people TRY to get around the no animal rule.
          If there is nor registration there is no animal! Simple

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          Mr PetersenMr Petersen

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            Are registered companion animals considered the same as other service dogs. I don’t think I would be refusing such an animal.

            People have service animals for medical and other legitimate reasons.

            Pets. Easy. No way.

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              We have a definite no animal policy, which is stated on our website and related OTAs.The only permitted animal is a registered guide dog, not even a companion dog is allowed. They also sign our guest registration form which also clearly states no pets, with a fee of $300 to be charged if found to be in the room.
              We don’t allow animals onto the motel site, not even left in the cars. We all know that the pet is not going to stay in the car all night!! AND we don’t allow them in case they bark or mew all night which obviously then disturbs the rest of our guests. Our car park is too small.
              We did have a guest once that had a trailer of chooks!!! He did park out on the street and they were ok.
              The OH and S issue with the amount of allergies these days, you are the one liable for any health issue relating to the allergic reaction. Best to keep the pets at home or in a pet friendly motel that has kennels!

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                Hi Ballina Colonial
                We have a definite no pets in rooms or common areas policy. We do allow pets in cars or trailers by arrangement and guests sign a form agreeing to our terms. We have a large sign at reception and also have a sign on every door to rooms stating “No Pets Allowed”. Still, we have had guests take their pets past these signs without a care. And Yes, I do charge them. Ours is a MINIMUM $150. We even had a guest ask if they could just pay the $150 to take the pet in the room as the children were upset the puppy had to stay in the car! I told them in no uncertain terms that would result in eviction, no refund, $150 plus any and all additional costs – hence they were out all afternoon and most of the evening, left the puppy in the car and left VERY early in the morning.

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