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    Mr PetersenMr Petersen


      apparently I have offended some or one user here because a comment or comments I have made is too much for some or one person.

      I am a business person like everyone here. If I have offended someone then I am deeply sorry.

      NO scratch that last line. If I have offended someone, too bloody bad. We are here to discuss our line of business and if something I have said whilst sharing my experience is too abrasive, then grow a pair.

      I am sure if the complainant had a good look at the way he or she operates he would see a weak struggling operator.

      We need some robust discussion here and if it is too much for one sad person, I don’t care.
      If I get banned from here I also don’t care. I am looking for a forum where I cans give my opinion and read others opinions. I am sure most are here for that too.

      Now, whoever made the complaint about me, identify yourself and please inform us all of the offending line. OR FOREVER hold your peace.

      Jeez, how old are you.

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          Thanks for saying it BMM. I also felt slighted by some of those comments. Now lets all be positive and move on !

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            Well said BMM!!

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              Congratulations Keymaster for having the backbone to stick by the Forum rules and ban offensive material.

              While I do agree with Mr. Petersen that we need robust discussion, I was also nose out of joint by the blatant attitude that “budget motels” were a blight on the industry.

              For those that are seeking to make your fortune,I would agree that upgrades and investment is paramount, there are many like myself who run a neat ship and invest wisely as not to over-capitalize on their investment. More often than not, we are also the guys that have bought the freehold and are in it for the long term.

              Many look upon the older motels as a hinderance on their ability to raise tariff, but coming from a town with approx. 10 motels,there is room for all of us to make a good living.

              So , the moral is , have your opinion and have your say, but keep in mind that just because you may have the prettiest business on the block, it doesn’t mean that you are the smartest operator.

              There is room for all, keep it friendly

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              Motel MingleMotel Mingle

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                A Reminder of some of the Forum’s Rules!

                Communicate in a friendly and respectful manner.

                Keep it clean.

                Don’t instigate arguments.

                THIS IS WHY THIS MEMBER HAS BEEN BANNED. It is very important to the survival of Motel Mingle to keep all members happy with the service and to keep them participating in the forums.
                We have rules and they must be followed to keep the harmony amongst the members.

                Finding answers.        Sharing ideas.        Solving problems.

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                Mr PetersenMr Petersen

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                  There are not that many users here so losing one that contributes would be a loss. In my opinion. Oops, my opinion again. Sorry.

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