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      What is your number 1 whinge from your guests? Here’s mine….

      Wait for it…..

      Still loading…..

      Obtaining IP address…….

      Yes, you’ve guessed it – Wi-fi! Whatever we do and offer,some guests are never happy with the wi-fi. I think it’s more important to them than hot water at times! We offer FREE, unlimited wi-fi and STILL some guests are not happy; it’s too slow, I can’t get it in the back room, it keeps logging out etc etc etc. Why, we even had a guest complain this morning that because it was too slow, he had to use his OWN data on his phone and had to pay an extra $10 for data as his ran out!

      I give up, I truly do!

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          I have had some experience at a few motels using UniFi equipment and I find it excellent. There are a variety of options and the Mesh System is faultless.

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            Hi Paul,
            yeah we have that complaint at times too about WIFI, butwe have a system where they have a limited amount per day per room (we can change it when needed) and it seems that Appleis our worst OS / device yet for logging on.
            enough about that..
            our whinge was you left the lights on too late and i had to sleep with the blockout blinds closed for 2 whole nights and missed 2 sunrises.
            sorry but duty of care was placed on our lights for our late home coming guests at the local bluegrass festival.

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              Hi Howie, can you be more explicit as to what you purchased from freenetantennas ? Was it an Easy bridge micro ultra extender ? I am not finding Unifi on their site.

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                  This is the link to the page on there site , it is the unifi products , you buy the antennas , if depending on where you mount them you can choose which one you want , i have the unifi indoor 3 pack ( i bought an extra 1)
                  and mounted them under the eaves. the come with the software on disc, if you have a reasonable understanding of computers you will work it out or a local it tech will have no problem with it .
                  They are a great system once you get them up and running . I havent touched ours in a couple of years.
                  I can’t even be bothered to check the software nowadays , i just have a adsl unlimited plan and don`t even worry about checking on it nowadys
                  You can give them a ring , they are good to deal with.
                  or if you want a chat about it ring me on 0357952506

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                  Yes Paul, Wifi is a big expectation from guests. I do agree. Speed and connection to the system is the biggest concern to some.Most times the guest is at fault with connecting, upper/lower case letters or just plain getting the password wrong and they seek me out, biggest and best NOn technical person in our property.

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                      Our wifi is free , when they look it up it says
                      motel guests NO PASSWORD REQUIRED it could not be any easier and yet we still have people come into the office and ask for the password . I just thought some people where stupid but i am coming to believe that most people are stupid or just plain lazy or both . They don`t even look in the book that has big bold letters saying
                      GUEST INFORMATION which has the instructions for the wifi.
                      Nowadays if they come and ask me to help them connect there device cos they don`t know how to use it , i refer them to an american number that made the antennas we use for assistance or use there device makers support line.
                      Speaking of wifi, just for others information, we use a diy system from
                      called unifi and it is a superb system , it just works all the time.
                      I installed it myself and you can choose to have passwords , no passwords , pay to use etc.
                      You can monitor guests usage and block them if they hog bandwith etc. It is a very user friendly.

                      We did a 17 room motel for $400.00 and haven`t had a problem with it
                      In fact i haven`t even looked at the monitoring software for probably 2 years , it just works.

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