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      Hi Guys,
      As you may have noticed, I have not contributed to the website for some time. I do intend to start updating the site again however since my heart surgery, I have not found much time or the drive to do what needs to be done.
      I do intend to revive Motel Mingle over time however in the mean time, you can go to the Facebook page. Motel Mingle Facebook Group

      Finding answers.        Sharing ideas.        Solving problems.

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          Hope your well and on the mend, quicker soon than later!
          I’ve requested to join the Motel Mingle facebook page.
          There’s also a few other ones i’m in which i think would be worthwhile joining, The more groups your in the more information you get. All you have to do is search for the following groups.

          Motel / Hotel owners of Australia
          Hotel / Motel owners and general manager forum (more usa based, but lots of good information on there as well)

          What other groups are people in on facebook to do with our industry?

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            Good on you, happy to hear you are getting back into action, albeit slowly. Keep well and take your time.
            You are not the only one lacking in contributions many of us have drifted of into the sunset as well.

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