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      Here we go again – another long week-end & the onslaught of guests booking for 4 & 7 or 8 turning up, & expecting to stay in the same room with there friends. And it is only Saturday !
      How is everyone else going with this problem over this long week-end ???

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        Mr PetersenMr Petersen

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          Don’t feel bad for enforcing your rules. If you want to run a motel into the ground then let the guest fill the room with all their mates.

          We notify guests by checkin policy that undeclared guests will be charged at $55 per person per night. Declared guests I’ll be $20 pp per night and only if they can be accommodated by a bed.

          We are always having to add too our policies each time someone finds a new loophole.

          Just remember, guests are income. They are not your friends. Don’t bend over just because they claim to be poor, hard times or any other issue.

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            I have actually started sending out an information email to EVERYBODY regardless of where they book, with us directly or OTAs, and it states the rules about animals, pets extra people. I will ask them to leave regardless of time day OR NIGHT and they may be charged and they will NOT receive a refund. If only EVERY MOTELIER across the nation would stick to the rules. I am so over the same thing..oh he sleeps with me or the last motel said it was OK. I did ask the question of Wotif, where we stood with thier customers and the amount of people booked, as we had a rather abusive mother, whom I had questioned 3 times about how many kids were coming, and she had only bookded for 2. Their response was we have every right to evict them on the spot or refuse entry if we couldn’t accommodate them in another room. How much of a heel to you feel at 11.30pm telling them to get out?? BUT its just has to stop and it starts with us!!!
            We all need to band together and STOP this.

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              Most of our rooms are 1 x queen bed only and we also find the extra 1 or 2 persons, often kids, sneaked into the rooms. I too am full on and approach the checked in guests offering an appropriate share style room, for more money, or ask them to find alternative accommodation. How many times have we heard oh the child always sleeps with hubby & me ? the brat is often close to VOTING AGE ! Or Don’t worry me mate will sleep on the floor. No way. Yes some only come along to party and cheat us out of income. By the way this has been the worst long weekend for guests in several years.

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                Yes we are the same BMM we also do not allow extras – as you say it is not worth the trouble for the little bit of extra money and definitely the reviews are a big problem

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                  This is the time we hate, HOLIDAY periods.
                  This happened twice yesterday, and I am a hard case as I do not allow extras, regardless of money etc.

                  Why bastardise your rooms for a few measly bucks and face problems from other guests created by noise etc.

                  The major problem we face is the dreaded review sites that blackens your business reputation.
                  However, I will stay true to my word and reject if I cant fit guests within the sleeping arrangements of the room.

                  If you cave, you will hate the job you have chosen, and will be driven out well before your time.

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