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      One of my biggest bug-bears is guests, literally, being as selfish as they can with meal times. We run our breakfast room from 06:30am until 08:30am and I can guarantee that on any given day, guests will walk in at 08:29am and then sit there until they decide they want to leave. Would they do that at Woolworths? No, because they wouldn’t be let in 10 minutes before close. What can I do as I am tearing my hair out! I close the door and bring the sign in at 08:30 on the dot but still, the ones that came in at 08:29 still sit there…AGGGGGHHHHHH!

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        We offer breakfast in our dining room from 7.30am and close at 9.ooam. No room service is offered. Ours is complimentary continental, self served. The guests in general comply but yes the odd person or more who is often out of step with the general population arrives at 1 minute before closing and some up to 30 – 40 minutes later (no chance of /b/fast). The main annoyance I experience is the guests who feel it their right to sit and talk, read or text in the dining room . So off goes the tv then the A/C then the lights then on goes the vacuum cleaner. WaynePhilip is right some people do take advantage of us all !

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          Gidday Paul , i understand that would be annoying , but from a guest point of view , 8.30 is pretty early to close the breakfast room , a lot of them would only just be getting going by then , maybe just might have to bite the bullet and leave it open till 9 atleast , most places we stay are open till 9.30am . Or maybe consider delivering to the room directly that way you can have it finished at a time that suits you. We just deliver to the room between 7.30 and 8.30 that it . It fits with us taking the kids to school etc.

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            Hi Paul
            we’ve gone from breaky to the room to opening our dining room.
            unfortunately there is that small percentage of guests who think that they own the place, with nothing you can do, what i do is start the clean up and putting away from 9am. (we open from 8 till 9)
            the majority are good and will leave in time but some ARGHHHH!!!
            Hang in there..

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