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      Just wondering what other motels do about late check-outs. How stringent are you on your check-out time, when do you start charging extra, and what charges do you apply?
      We have a process in place but just want to know how others tackle it.

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          Thanks everyone for your comments. I don’t think we will change our policy, but it’s reassuring to see that some other motels charge in a similar way to us… basically you stay extra, you pay extra!

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            Further to my comment above, We always inform the guest on check-in, and in the information email we send before they arrive, that check out is strictly 10am, or there is a $55 per hour late fee.

            We now also have a note on the back of the door, that they cant help but read, (we “pinched” it from a south coast motel) That says something like…..
            “checkout is 10am, if you have not checked by then we assume that you are staying another night and will charge your card accordingly. For those guests that wish to stay, pleas see reception before 10am.”
            We have not one problem since!!!

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              we’ve modified our late check out procedures here, on our confirmation email to the guest they are informed that we charge $35.00 per half hour or part there of, hehee talk about minimal late stayers now.
              we only have issues with two sets of nationalities, but we now make it plain and clear upon checkin that they will be charged per half hour after 10am, their faces go open as they realise $70 an hour is heaps..

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                  I wonder who those tow nationalities might be???…………….

                  Do they also ‘mess up’ toilets and cook in their rooms?

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                  Our policy is NO LATE CHECK-OUT at all. As we all experience some guests may need to be prodded at little to get moving but, most are co-operative. Yes I also agree a valid credit or debit card and expiry date is essential to our properties security.

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                    We charge $55 per hour after 10-am, that way most have gone so as not to interfere with the cleaning. After 12 they pay for another day.
                    It means we can have most of the rooms prepped by the time the cleaners get in, and the day isn’t a complete waste!!
                    We, like Mr Peterson have either a credit card or we have a $300 bond.
                    Sick of being burnt, ever since we have put into play these almost extreme measures, we haven’t been burnt since!!

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                    Mountain Man

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                      We allow no fee on a late check out unless our cleaning staff are finished for the day and the guest still hasn’t left. Then the guest can pay for another night.

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                      Mr PetersenMr Petersen

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                        We have a Check-Out for 10am, like just about every hotel/motel. We always get a credit card as a security. I cannot understand why some property owners do not. A security cash deposit of $200 is an alternative.

                        Just about everyone has a CC and many who state that the don’t are just avoiding responsibility. As BCM clearly observed, those without CC are those that are likely to abuse trust.

                        We do not allow late check outs (other than 30 mins or so) as it disrupts the process of cleaning. What is the point of having a rule if you can just break it. Guests are informed that they risk being charged for an extra night accommodation as we are likely to lose the room.

                        We are a little flexible. Sensibility and logic are still applied.

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                        imageBallina Colonial Motel

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                          Our check-out time is 10am and for those that ask for a late check-out, we charge $10 per hour and most people are happy to pay accordingly.

                          However, for those that abuse the 10am call, we are usually on a bit of a hiding to nothing as they are usually cash payers or you don’t have Credit Card details. We just have to chase them out, cop the abuse and try not to get too stressed about it. There are worse things to worry about! Luckily this does not happen very often.

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