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      I find the biggest scam to be Advertisers ringing to check your details for a repeat of your last years advert.
      Only to find out that you did not or have never advertised with this publication or site. Know your business and don’t allow smooth talkers to con you into advertising. Even free sites are not always what they seem as you need to know where/who they are marketing to.
      Take the time to visit the site or request copy of advertising product before committing.
      If today is the deadline, then let it go. A reputable company does not leave things to the last minute.

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          I know what you mean. It is an old ploy. My policy is I DO NOT advertise anywhere at all ! Even Yellow & White Pages I only run with the complimentary listings, understand some of us have to and I could possibly get greater exposure if there was some paid adverts. however if it is not free I do not go there. We support local events, schools ect. and gain good exposure there as well as the national booking sites.

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