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      Does anyone know of a good quality, practical key box for use for late arrivals? We are currently using the 24 Service Station across the road to accommodate late arrivals but would like to have a box so that we do not have to rely on someone else to distribute our keys. We have purchased 2 on-line and they are both very difficult and fiddly to use and would be almost impossible to read at night. We are not interested in spending a fortune, we just want something that can be easily operated while still being secure enough to ensure the keys only go to the person with the correct code.

      Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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          Hi Stephanie,

          We bought a few of the little safes, that you put your own code into. We got them from bunnings.
          you could put your postcode and the room number as the code. bolt them near the reception and have a sensor light over the top.
          works well.
          hope this helps

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              Good Idea.Key boxes will be fitted this week.

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              Yes. Thanks for that Angimon. We have thought of that… and we are still thinking about it….

              Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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                Hi Stephanie
                We don’t use a box so I don’t know of a good one. Just wondering whether you could use the ones you have but maybe install a sensor light or some other light source to make it easier to read at night? Just an idea.

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