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      Continuing on from Internet – Free or not to free. Topic change…

      In response to TIDDYWAZZA who said
      “Thanks for your personal views but I am confused, no mention was made by me of low rates or poor quality.”

      I will clarify my ‘personal views’. Many guests are looking for high quality and are prepared to pay for it. A common presumption is that low rates equal low quality.

      We are one of a hundred or more hotels in our small town. We are 3.5 stars and average by most measures. We keep our rates above average.

      Think of this – You have 10 identical hotels and they all advertise $99PN. One of the motels lowers their rates to $49. Will they suddenly get all the business from new guests?
      I doubt it. A certain number of guests will presume that their quality is so low that they are desperate.

      Going with the flow is a recipe for disaster. The competition will run the rates down.

      My philosophy is to keep my rates above my competition. When we took over our current property we raised the rates 20-40%. Our income has increased and our occupancy has remained very high. Our nearest competition during conversation said, “Thank goodness you have raised the rates. Now we can do the same”.

      There has to be a market leader for the various ‘markets’. There are leaders in rates and others in quality.

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          Thanks for your reply Angimon,
          We do not advertise our rates either, as we believe this cheapens the whole town not just our motel, and if you listen to other moteliers and brokers they will all say that sandwich boards are a scourge. We were also led to believe that there was an unwritten agreement/understanding that people wouldn’t do this. Times are/have been tough but there are others ways to entice people into your motel.
          As for the “thief in the night”, the other motel owner who took the rego. plates asked the police to charge them with trespass but because they are not doing anything”wrong” there is nothing the police can do. A sign at the front of the motel saying “motel guests only past this point” or something of similar nature is a different story so they said. So put up the sign and then be be on the lookout for that ‘no moral’ thief!!

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            Hi Busybees
            If others want to advertise their rates I think that’s up to them. We have motels in our town that do this, but I choose not to. I think it would be frustrating with all the people looking for the cheap rooms, and having to explain to them that they’re sold (which invariably happens in this situation). It’s bad enough when a return guest doesn’t book, then expects the cheapest room in the place, and thinks you are trying to $@&#* them over when you only have more expensive rooms available.
            I do however think someone poaching guests from your property is abhorrent. Maybe look in to the trespass laws and send a strongly worded letter to them?

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              Hi guys,
              Just wondering if EVERYONE is under the impression of an “unwritten agreement” re sandwich boards. We have curretnly2 motels in our area, one using an electronic board the other is massive sign, he also has a secondary sign that he moves around.
              Also we have a motelier in our town who is doing the unthinkable….. driving into car parks and poaching guests!!! They have been into our car park on 3 occasions that we are aware of,(friendly guests who stay with us regularly!), an we were also questioned by another owner, had we noticed strange cars in the car park after dark. He took the rego plates and discovered who the 2 different cars were registered too!! BE alert guys, and to the thief in the night…. we all know who you are (should you happen to be reading this!!)

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