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      Beware if someone checks in and they no longer require all the nights booked, swear at you and demand a refund.
      When it doesn’t happen all of a sudden there is an issue with the hot water. Yes to be honest the first time there was the pilot light had gone out but after that, the plumber (who was here on other business) checked it out and said there was nothing wring with it.
      5 times more they came over complaining about the lack of hot water, even though when my husband went over the water was hot!! After the magice word of “refund” was given HUH no more issues with the water.
      I am SOOOOOO over dishonest, deceitful people!!!

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          No way would I give a refund for that.
          We had a 10pm arrival who then called reception stating Foxtel not working. I explained how to do it. Guest started demanding refund as her 10 yo daughter had to have Foxtel at 10 pm. Started banging on door. We checked room and all correct. Ended up calling police to remove her. She did the thing on TripAdvisor but I had the last reply.
          No refunds for assholes.. That’s just my policy.

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            Hi 123daily,
            Yes I did give a refund for the last day, only to shut them up. Initially they had booked for 3 days, but when, they got here they said they wanted to change to 2 days with a late checkout on the last day.I explained that they had received a confirmation email outlining all our policies. The daughter then told me that her mother couldn’t afford the third day so that they would have to cancel and demanded a refund. I again told her that she had read the email (I always get a read receipt), and told her she had had months to change her booking with no penalty. They both argued, and said they were really tired and needed to get into the room. The ex-father in law had actually paid the initial deposit. It was a mother and daughter, coming back and forth across to reception, with more than one problem with the room, but it then became the hot water and non stop complaining and then, after we told them too bad,they both were very loudly swearing across the car park at both my husband and I in front of other guests. So it was a case of here is your refund now get out.
            I have never been so cranky with any other guest before or since!!

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              Hi Busybees. Did you give a refund? If so, was it a full refund or just partial.

              What do others do when you know that the guest is trying to get a discounted or free room for the night by complaining about the room when you know for sure that the room is definitely up to scratch?

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