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      Hi Guys,

      Wondering how many of you have microwaves in rooms, Not just taken there on request.
      Also any suggestions for in room facilities apart from the everyday basics.

      Your feedback is important to me and is greatly appreciated.

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          We have them in our family rooms purly for reheating, and we have a couple available on request. We do stipulate that they are purely for reheating and that we dont supply any eating utensils at all, the unit has a kitchenette therefore guests can cook.
          I am a bit sick of being told “you are the only motel that I have ever stayed in that doesnt supply eating utensils or microwaves.”
          We supply a coffe mug and glass per person and 2 teaspoons per room, (its too hard to keep track off the number of stolen teaspoons otherwise!!) HUH just as I type a guy has just come down and requested exactly that!! plates and knives for his bbq chook and salad!!
          We do have plastic “stuff” available

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            We have microwaves in all our deluxe rooms and our guests shared kitchens. In 9 years never a spill or damage done in the rooms, however the little kitchens microwaves often need to have a little more attention. We supply the plastic meal covers for use to help the cleanliness. Ours are only small manageable units purchased from Aldi. All were upgraded 3.5 years ago and 3 purchased for spares still new unused in their boxes.
            Mums often appreciate them for babies meals. This is advantage to upsell from a standard room top a deluxe room.

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              No we do not have micrwowaves – it is encouraging guests to cook & eat thus spills on the carpet – not worth it

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                We have contemplated putting microwaves in the rooms however don’t believe that it will bring more guests to stay with us or allow us to increase the price.
                We do offer to heat up food for guests if timing is reasonable. Also not keen on the odours that some foods may leave in the rooms if curries or exotic foods are heated up in the rooms.

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