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      How Much are you paying for your motel website per month or year?

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        Using wix, $US274 for 2 yrs subscription. Domain from $AU33.98c for 2 yrs subscription
        As with wix you build the website yourself, fairly easy and straight forward. Use the blog to link in with facebook so that on our facebook page they click the link that then takes them to the website.

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          We have recently returned to MelbourneIT and use a simple DIY website builder package which includes hosting at $29.95 pcm.

          We have tried many different concepts, some cheaper, some more expensive.
          Many DIY sites do not live up to expectations and the backup is not that good.

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            Thanks Applegum… with all the rubbish emails I get about this, the link above told me all I needed to know!

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              With the changes to Google on 21st April regarding mobile friendly websites I have found this link that will tell you whether your website is mobile friendly or not.
              It is probably worth having a look to see how your site is performing on mobile devices.

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              Mr Petersen
              Mr Petersen

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                If you don’t have your own domain then you should have. It does not look very professional to have an email like —-

                Many properties that do have their own domains still use a hotmail or gmail address, and yet have the email available for no extra cost but don’t know how to use it.

                If you know anything about web design try using a WordPress website. Very easy to produce and there are so many plug-ins to use.

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                  Hopefully not too much… With the likes of and – a person with average skills should be able to create a reasonably attractive website for free and have it hosted for around $150p/a (To remove ads). Good photos is the trick….

                  Centium Software (Guestpoint developers) do websites for around $1500… eg – These are good Google friendly sites – so gives a designer a good idea of what needs to go into a website to make it work. IMPORTANT: Mobile friendly sites with clickable phone numbers (More and more people are browsing sites from mobile devices) – also a prominent “Book Now” button.

                  On another topic – don’t get stung with domain name renews – Should cost no more than $10 – $20 p/a… is a good option.

                  Motel Broker & Relief Manager…

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