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      Hi All,
      There is a new website for accommodation businesses that is worth checking out. There is an annual fee but it is totally commission free and has been set up by people within the industry as a way of giving power back to the providers rather than the OTA’s.

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          Have you heard of “Jump on and stay” ???
          This has just started and is owned by Aussies in Brisbane, that were either owners/ leasees or brokers (I think!), They have a commission of 10% which is taxed and stays in Australia

          for those of you looking at alternative OTAs

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            We have been following this site also , i’m not sure how successful it will be as they will need to have a budget to match the ota’s or be pushed off the first page I think its is probably a better use of your money to try google adwords and try for more direct bookings that way . We are in a position where we don’t have to much competition so we have just been defaulting the ota’s settings to 2 nights min on the busy weekends etc and 1 night on our website and it has been working pretty well . We had got upto about 14% bookings from ota’s and now we have brought that back down to about 9% which we are reasonably happy with.

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