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      Had a booking in for 2 days over the easter break and I rang guest of his arrival time and informed him that his card was declined.
      He laughed and said that he was not going to come in after all and he knew that his card was bad.
      Guest name “DELETED”
      Address “DELETED” has no way of seperating credit from debit cards, so beware

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        Mr PetersenMr Petersen

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          We are with Brumby. Charge in full to all B.Com bookings as stated in our policy.

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            I charge full amount on booking. It is stated in our deposit policy. Full refund if cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival.

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            imageBallina Colonial Motel

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              In this day and age, we have to minimise these risks. Given that this was a booking, change your policy so that you collect the monies on booking or at least at the point they cannot cancel, which if I were you would be seven days.

              I may loose the odd booking this way, but the roughs are got rid of.

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              Motel MingleMotel Mingle

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                A REMINDER TO ALL!

                Name and Shame on the forums is not allowed. If you wish to notify other members of guests behaving badly or alert other members of something you feel others should be aware of, please you the “Member Beware Alerts”

                I do not wish to be digging into my pocket fighting litigation from these type of people.

                I hope you guys understand.

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