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      Again, I’ve read about guests booking through OTAs, and arriving with more guests than they have paid for. This has happened to us, but they usually arrive after hours. There should be some way that these cheats could be stopped BEFORE they arrive. And like the latest alert says, they were happy to camp the tribe into one small room, and when confronted, get disgruntled and shocked with the fact that you have asked them to pay extra!! Then write a bad review!! At least we are able to respond to these bad reviews!!

      I know that this is impossibility but the OTAs should be held accountable. I did ring Wotif once and asked them, where we stand, they told me, “you have every right to kick them out and not to refund them”, but how do you feel kicking them out at 11pm at night when there are small children involved!! Because Wotif uses virtual cc you cant take the extra off the card for extra charges!!
      If EVERYONE stood their ground, and stop allowing things like this to happen, (usually, its because you just couldn’t be bothered arguing, or its the children that worry you, or its not my motel, are some of the reasons I’ve heard), then we might begin to stamp this bad behaviour out, but we have to stand united!!

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