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      Post your thoughts, experiences or anything you might want to say about Adwords.

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          sorry Davybeach, I don’t use them, maybe i should!
          So other than Brumby and Stephanie is anyone else using this??? and if so do you agree with Ballina Colonial, that they are a must?

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            Are others having any good business generated with adwords?

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            imageBallina Colonial Motel

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              Google Adwords is another must do, just to get you in your potential customers face. We put a monetary limit on this, which is about $100 per month. There is no way of assessing its viability, as it does not result in online booking, just phone calls.

              Have you ever noticed that if you go into Google and do some research on a company for example, all of a sudden they come up as a ‘banner’ advertisement in a subsequent website you visit?

              It’s called “remarketing”. Facebook has been doing a similar thing too.

              There is a snippet of code that is pasted into the website, and it tracks you via a cookie. Once you’ve visited the site, ads for that website start appearing everywhere you go.


              Apparently it’s quite effective. Personally, I find it annoying.

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                Sorry keymaster and thank you. Price per click. You allocate an amount per month and choose what your ads will say

                Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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                Motel MingleMotel Mingle

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                  Stephanie says:

                  FYI – We did cancel our Google Adwords earlier this year for a month and had a really slow month. Was the result related to the action? Don’t know for sure, but we have resumed Google Ads and the pace has picked up so we are not going to risk it again.

                  Busybees says:

                  So adwords…. is there a standard price or does it go on number of rooms or how do they charge?

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