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      Is your motel offering free WiFi or internet usage to guests or are you charging for internet usage?

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          After some advice. We offer free unlimited wifi (adsl2+) No real system.. It was set up to be secure (where guests can’t connect/see other guests connections etc… But apart from that no limitations. We now find that with netflix and other streaming apps etc that it only takes 2 people to be using it and it wipes out our connection. We are wanting to now impose some limits via a third party PNP system. Tonight for example some one is connected to vuze and downloading constantly and we can’t even kick them off or block it. Basically we now need to limit usage and bandwidth, whether this is done using a voucher system or what not. Not keen on ongoing monthly fee’s as prefer to pay for system outright and have control over it myself. the link in the post about freenet and terry no longer works. What do you use or are you happy to have people streaming?

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              people pluggin appletv into the tv’s also wipes out our connection.

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              I don’t know why suppliers would use a third party Internet supplier when they could do it for free or charge a small fee to each guest.

              unifi seems to be gone.

              It is easy to install a few routers. We have some wireless repeaters that work well. I used to use a Xyxel router which was installed as a hotspot.

              A small charge will be accepted by most.

              Do you change your passwords regularly?

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                We offer free internet , as I know when i go to a motel i will stay at the one with free internet, so long as not a big price difference, almost all guests expect internet now.
                I set our 17 room motel up for $400.00 with a plug and play system, which you can set for no password , password or
                cards to charge for the service.If i can set it up anyone can, I am not a computer wizz by any means.
                I think with the cheap cost of internet connections nowadays it is worth including it even if you increase room price by $1 to $2 dollars/night
                You can have it set for no password and still monitor how much download they are using , if hogging the system just click on the block button , to easy
                just have a fair use policy in guest service book
                if interested the system can be obtained from
                Freenetantennas.com.au and it is called unifi ( email Terry )
                cheers Howard
                castle creek motel

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                  We offer WIFI through Nomadnet. Selling 1 hour and 2 hour cards for $6 and $10 each and they can use the balance if any left on their next visit to another motel who also supplies Nomadnet.

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                    We offer free internet – 500 mb limit.
                    If guest requires more, they must go online to our provider and purchase.

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                      We offer complimentary WiFi – but we do monitor the downloads guests are using & if it is excessive we disconnect them

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