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      Guys, in your motel if cooking and serving breakfasts, is there a requirement to have a “food Handling certificate’ or a ‘food handling supervisors certificate’? How many of you have this certificate. I understand that it would be useful to have, but is it a legal requirement in a motel? How many lease owner/operators would have one?
      Many thanks for your help in anticipation.
      Paul & Val

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          Legal requirements in NSW guys.

          In NSW, the Food Safety Supervisor Certificate is only valid for 5 years.

          You also need to be registered with the NSW Food Authority and licenced (fee applies)/registered with your local Council, who will undertake an annual ‘food premises assessment report’. If you don’t have all these ducks in a row, they can close your catering activities down.

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            Hi Paul and Val
            From what I know it is up to your local Council if it is required. You can check with your local Health Inspector. Most require you to have both of these certificates. It does not matter who has the certificates, whether it is the owner; the lessee or the manager as long as someone does.
            I am in Portland Victoria and it is a requirement here.
            It is very easy to do the courses as you can do them online. Once you have done the courses for both certificates you do not have to renew them.
            I would recommend you do the courses even if you do not have to, as then you know what is required when handling foods and you are covered for any potential problems.

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