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      Hi! My husband and I purchased a small motel nearly a year ago and have been working hard to get the place renovated so we can put a manager in to run it. I was hoping to get some information on how to pay a manager who would be on call 24/7 – what time off is needed etc. We will have one part time cleaner as well but the manager will have to do whats left of that if necessary. A residence is supplied obviously. Really needing an idea of what happens in this instance. Any help is appreciated. In talking to fair work, it seems unrealistic that we could afford it since they say a manager would still have to have 2 days off per week, so we would still have to have another manager as well, or do it ourselves.
      Help Please!

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          Hey Cool Palms,
          We have not had the “pleasure” to need a “permanent” manager, we have only needed our own relief. There are sites that offer relief staff, I guess We have friends who have gone into relief management and they have had work coming our their ears. Having said that, they have settled into a really good job, where they are full-time (8am -9pm) for 10 weeks then they have 3 weeks off. They do all the management work/pays etc. They do have cleaners but will do some of it also. They get paid $1500 per week for the couple, all food and board. I WANT THEIR JOB!!!!!
          We are selling up and becoming managers too, so will let you know when we sell and WHEN we become relief managers!! Hopefully all our regular “Minglers” will give us a job!!!!

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            If you are patient enough you will get more answers from other motel owners and managers who come to this site from time to time. I know that it is no need to join paid memberships to get industry information when you can get a lot of information on this site.

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              Hi Cool Palms

              Maybe try the accommodation association of Australia ( Generally they only deal with members, but maybe this would be a good idea in your situation as if you’re not in a hands-on role they will keep you up to date with changes in the industry. I don’t know what their fees are, but it may work out in the long run.

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