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      Is anyone using Facebook to be part of your Marketing Strategy? If so, do you think it is worth while doing or not?

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          Yep we have one
          Just post regular updates, info on what’s going on.
          People can also book directly through facebook and we have had a few bookings through it…
          I did turn off reviews though, As Ballina said, plenty other places to review and leave star ratings.. My facebook page is only for positive info.

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            Hi All
            just thought i’d get this thread going again as its been a while since the last reply.
            we are going to have a FB page running soon and we are also interested in Instragram and Twitter.
            each of these outlets have their own specific age group members and allow you to do certain things.
            I know some people have said that its time consuming, but how long does it take to take a happy snap load it to the PC (smart phone is faster) and get it out there..
            events and the like will be our main bread and butter..
            anyone else being tech savy now?

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              imageBallina Colonial Motel

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                Been there done that many years ago, when I thought it was fashionable!

                Dumped it, as it just became another place for people to lambast you; and we have enough of those already.

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              L & P

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                Our motel has a Facebook page. Contains photos of the motel rooms and houses, snaps of little events like staff birthday lunches, visits by car clubs, the chooks in their new gazebo, a new sign going up, etc. Just a chatty social page, but we’ve garnered quite a few friends and likes. We don’t treat it as a marketing tool. It is very easy to maintain.

                L & P

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                  I really think Facebook is probably more for the younger generation such as late teens to mid 20s. If your motel is in an area where these young ones like to hang out on week ends and holidays you will probably do well. Otherwise no point to bother. Just my opinion.

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                    I have a fb page but isn’t working , I did have a customer put a photo of the view on our fb page and realised then I need people putting posts or photos on but don’t think u can ask customers to do that

                    I sometimes ask people to put posts on trip advisor if I know they have enjoyed there stay

                    Don’t know how to get the fb page going

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                        I have had no luck with facebook either and also found it a lot of work with little result. Have just ditched google ads with little impact saving us a heap. It has been suggested to me that the way to go now is Instagram so we are going to give it a go.

                        Stephanie@ Redcliffe Motor Inn

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                        Looks like heaps of work. Not for us at this stage.

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                          No we don’t use facebook – to time consuming for us

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