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      Wondering if the owner of motel mingle would be interested in setting up a facebook page called ” Motel Mingle”
      Might drive a bit more activity if it was on facebook compared to the forums – while still keeping the forums going.
      Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I would join the page and contribute, just as i do here on the forum.

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      Motel Mingle
      Motel Mingle

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        I am sorry to have missed the previous posts. I will definitely give this some thought guys. I have stepped back quite a bit over the last 12 months as some of you know that I had open heart surgery last February 2018 and I needed to make some life changes along the way after recovering. I have quit my job and started another business. No not a motel or accommodation business, something entirely different. Anyway, I am feeling a million bucks and along the way with my new journey, I will be implementing a new look Motel Mingle. I will think of a way to incorporate the facebook page with these changes. Stay Tuned!

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          Not that I have been active for a while…(past 6 weeks had new grandbubbas (twin boys) to keep me a little occupied!!)
          I am a member here and I am also a member of a closed group of moteliers, both of which I try to contribute. It is so good to be able to vent/ share/ laugh/ contribute to like minded/like employed persons. I’m guessing that most are more likely to use the fb page, as lets face it, most people are logged in there permanently, so would be more inclined to respond immediately! I would still use both.

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            I am in for that , if they are not keen , time etc , we could start one

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