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      Are any of you having major problems logging into Expedia Partner? For the life of me I cannot log in and keep getting verification emails with links to log-ins that don’t work. When I try and email them about it, it says I must log-in to email them!
      I have emailed them several times within the last week from an external email address of theirs regarding this and other issues like contact details etc etc but have had no reply whatsoever. I am SICK TO DEATH of Expedia!

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          No Paul not having troubles logging in, but if I have an issue and I try to send them a message via the “correct” place one epc, i go round and round in circles!! My motel comes up, i click on it and then it says put in your id no, which then say i cant find you. so i start again, put in my id no, finds my motel then my id is incorrect!! grrrrr

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